New Generations Exchange

New Generations Exchange
The program for young adults

February 2013

2012-13 District Youth Exchange Chairs and Multidistrict Officers

Dear Rotarians:

If your district is already active in New Generations Exchange through Rotary Youth Exchange or considering it, please read through the recent changes to exchange opportunities offered to young adults made by the RI Board of Directors. Kindly share this information with incoming Youth Exchange and New Generations committee chairs in your district, as necessary.


New Generations Exchange was established in 1997 as a type of short-term Rotary Youth Exchange for young people ages 18-25. In the 2010-11 Rotary year, more than 8,500 young people participated in a Rotary Youth Exchange. Only 235 young adults worldwide participated in a New Generations Exchange. After consulting with the RI Youth Exchange Committee and regional leaders about these figures, the large investment to develop each customized exchange, and the already heavy administrative responsibilities borne by district Youth Exchange committees, the RI Board approved a plan to transition these exchanges to a new service model, beginning 1 July 2013. These exchanges:

  • will be called New Generations Service Exchange (subject to trademark clearance).
  • will be under the oversight of district New Generations Service committees; these exchanges will no longer be administered by district Youth Exchange committees, and districts will not be subject to Youth Exchange certification requirements for New Generations Service Exchange activity.
  • will be open to young adults ages 21-30; no individual under 21 years of age may participate.
  • must include a strong humanitarian or vocational service component, such as participating in a service project, an internship, or vocational training.
  • are flexible and may be organized for individuals or groups, be reciprocal or one-way, and last as long as six months.
  • must be funded locally; like Rotary Youth Exchange, no funding mechanism is available through RI or The Rotary Foundation.

o ensure that young adults are not excluded from exchange opportunities, such as a gap-year exchange, those over 19 years of age may participate in short-term and long-term Rotary Youth Exchange activities with the mutual agreement of both partner districts and in compliance with RI certification requirements and local laws. Furthermore, to accommodate already planned New Generations Exchanges, it is understood that these exchanges administered under the Rotary Youth Exchange program may continue
through 30
June 2014.

This new activity gives districts the freedom to develop flexible exchange experiences that meet the needs of young adults while promoting international understanding, a commitment to service, and an understanding of Rotary as young people move from their university studies through the first years of their professional life. By providing appealing opportunities for young professionals, these exchanges can support district efforts to attract members and to involve former Interactors, Rotaractors, RYLA participants, and Youth Exchange students in new Rotary opportunities.

Guidance and resources will be provided to the 2013-14 district New Generations Service committee chairs in the coming months. In the meantime, excerpts of significant policy updates can be found here.

We look forward to working with your district as you determine how this exciting new exchange opportunity can enhance your district’s service to New Generations. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

Adam Doty, Manager,
New Generations Programs
Kate Hoeppel,
Senior Supervisor, Youth Exchange
Angela Forfia,
Supervisor, New Generations Programs